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Diamond Global Vision provides a full range of quality services tailored to all private or public companies, institutions, project sponsors, or entrepreneurs keen to invest in new projects or develop their existing business.


Diamond Global Vision runs its activities throughout the world by working in network and by providing a single point of contact to its customers in order to address all investment related issues (risk analysis, business plans, corporate strategy and policy, financial collateral, financing and follow-up).


Diamond Global Vision distinguishes itself by the quality of the services it provides, its innovative approach to financing and the professionalism of its associates and partners.



  • Human Values

    We place the interest of mankind, clients and colleagues above existing and potential business interest.


  • Ethics

    We abide by a strict ethical code when selecting projects. Any investment or action that violates, or may be construed as violating, our standards for sustainable development or principle of respect for mankind and the environment will be summarily rejected.


  • Solidarity

    We redistribute a substantial part of our net profits to social, humanitarian and economic assistance efforts in the countries where these profits have been generated.


  • Standards of Excellence and Quality

    We deliver our services according to the highest possible standard, without compromising the quality of work required to attain such results.


  • Sustainable Development

    We give preference to projects related to sustainable development.


  • Training

    We support all training initiatives that improve the skills and expand the knowledge of our colleagues.


  • Innovation

    We encourage our colleagues to take initiatives and we support all innovative approaches.


  • Synergy and networking

    We promote networking and collaboration among our clients, enabling them to benefit from the complementary aspects of their respective business activities. 


  • Perseverance and Resources

    No project will be refused unless its scope exceeds the capabilities of the Group's internal and external resources.


  • One World, One system

    We offer the same funding conditions, competence, and technical support to each of our agents and license holders irrespective of geographical location. No distinction among our clients is made with regard to religion, political beliefs, or ethnic origin. However, membership in a community or organization of any sort that holds beliefs or principles contrary to these fundamental values will de facto justify Diamond Global Vision's non-involvement.

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